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Top of the Shops - November 19

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Top of the Shops - November 19
by Admin User - Tuesday, 17 December 2019, 10:53 AM

Top of the Shops Awards

* Accessory AceDavid West, Bracknell Store with over £4,314 Accessory Sales! (ex VAT)
* Captain Credit: , Richard Stickney, Swindon Store with £6,500 on Finance!
* Golden Cup ChampionNathan Pritchard, Bristol Store with £37,777 Total Sales! (ex VAT)

* Target Terminators: Bristol Store with 122% of Target Done! 
* Incredible ImproversNewton Abbot Store with 63% Sales Growth! 
* Last Year LeapersThurrock Store with 51% Sales Growth! 

* Accessory Ace: Top Accessory Salesman
* Captain Credit: Top Finance Salesman
* Golden Cup Contender: Top Salesman - Total Sales
* Mystery Shop Mastermind: Top Mystery Shop Report
* Target Terminators: Number 1 Store vs Target
* Incredible Improvers: Most Improved Store vs Last Month
* Last Year Leapers: Top Growth like for like with same month from last year

It is also worth noting here that we don't typically include stores in these reports in their first month where store targets are concerned, however Stockport performed tremendously well. 

November was their first full month trading and they pushed through over 280% of target achieving over £86k in sales (ex VAT). An incredible performance for month 1!