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Rems = Pre-Cut Roll

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Rems = Pre-Cut Roll
by Lillian Jacques - Friday, 6 December 2019, 9:39 AM


Hi all,


Starting immediately, we will never call a "rem" a "rem", please refer to them as "pre-cut roll".


Next week, we will be sending out these "pre-cut rolls" for customer who haven't ordered one.


So if a customer has ordered a 4x5 cut, and we have a 4x5.25 pre-cut, (for example), we will send that, rather than getting a new one cut.


Notes will be added if we have sent a pre-cut roll, please NEVER say it was a rem.


Treat it like a normal cut.


Kindest Regards,
Ellie Broom
Head of Customer Experience
Connection Flooring