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Top of the Shops - October 19

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Top of the Shops - October 19
by Admin User - Friday, 15 November 2019, 11:22 AM

Top of the Shops Awards

* Accessory AceDean Stacey, Coventry Store with over £5,500 Accessory Sales! (ex VAT) 2nd Month Running!
* Captain CreditIan Snook, Havant Store with £14,237 on Finance! (ex VAT)
* Golden Cup ChampionIan Snook, Havant Store with £40,250 Total Sales! (ex VAT)

* Target Terminators: York Stores with 117% of Target Done! 
* Incredible ImproversCoventry Store with 50% Sales Growth! 
* Last Year LeapersHavant Store with 62.5% Sales Growth!