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PIN Notices

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PIN Notices
by Lillian Jacques - Friday, 15 November 2019, 9:17 AM

Hi All

Following the lateness monitoring that came into effect on Monday 21st October as per the email below just to clarify how the PIN issuing process will work from Monday 18th November.

Daily HR will run the lateness report
The employee’s line manager will be notified of the lateness The manager should discuss with the employee and make them aware they will be issued a PIN notice The PIN notice will automatically be issued by HR 3 days later to the employee

Should there be an issue with the shift on Rotacloud or some other reason which is showing a false lateness you should make HR aware asap.

Exceptional circumstances where PINs may be removed, would include:

 *   A medical emergency
 *   Urgent dependant care
 *   Business at fault

If you have any queries with regards this please just give me a shout.