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Cancelling a Single Product Off an Order

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Cancelling a Single Product Off an Order
by Admin User - Thursday, 14 November 2019, 1:54 PM

Hi All, 

If a single item needs to be cancelled off an order (because it is OOS or the customer no longer requires the product), you can now use the Order Amendments Form to do this. 

1. Process the refund if applicable for the product that is out of stock or not needed. 
2. Credit memo the product off the order that is no longer needed on magento (double check you are only raising a credit memo for the product no longer needed) 
3. Ensure the status of the order remains the same after the credit memo is raised
4. Add the Order to Order Amendments using the option EDIT ORDER (Remove Item from PVX or Cut)
5. Add a note to the order amendment to confirm what is to be cancelled off the order just to be clear
5. Add notes to the order to confirm what has happened

This means you will not have to cancel the whole order and raise a brand new order if only part of the order is no longer required. 

Obviously if this is last minute/ if the goods have already been shipped, the above does not apply. 

Any questions please just let me know.