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1st Jan Date Update

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1st Jan Date Update
by Lillian Jacques - Wednesday, 6 November 2019, 3:31 PM

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry to confuse things, but we have checked this over further. You should not need to use 1st Jan as a date. 

If an OOS order doesn’t have a due in date, you set the date as 25th December as we said AND THE ORDER WILL GO TO ‘’OUT OF STOCK''. 

For orders where WE DO have stock but the customer doesn’t know when they want the order, select 25th December as the delivery date AND THE ORDER WILL GO TO ‘’PAYMENT CONFIRMED''.

Purely looking at the status of the order, you should be able to see if something is OOS, or if the customer just hasn’t selected a date yet. Does that make sense? So we shouldn’t ever need to put an order as 1st Jan del date.