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Credit Memos
by Admin User - Friday, 1 November 2019, 3:20 PM
Hi All, 

Due to some large scale improvements in our service generally, we are experiencing much fewer issues than we were in months and years gone by. You will notice our review scores online which really highlight a big improvement. 

As such, all credit memos will now be deductible. As you know, the only credit memos that have been non-deductible have been goodwill gestures, which are in most cases delivery charges/ payments of less than £100. We expect much fewer goodwill issues than we were getting 12/18 months ago when we brought in the deductible and non deductible options, hence the change. 

I appreciate this can feel frustrating at times when the situation is out of your control, however we hope as a company we can work together and continue to improve our service levels to limit the amount of goodwill we give out. Any questions please just let me know.