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Cannes Carpet

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Cannes Carpet
by Lillian Jacques - Friday, 18 October 2019, 4:00 PM

Hi All,


Just to confirm, this range has been discontinued.


Discontinued SKUs are:

MNC4173, MNC4174, MNC4176, MNC470, MNC471, MNC474, MNC475, MNC476, MNC477, MNC5173, MNC5174, MNC5176, MNC570, MNC571, MNC574, MNC575, MNC576, MNC577


It’s being replaced with a new range of the same name, reason being we’ve changed factory.  The main change is this is going to be 4m widths rather than 4 & 5m. Pile height is the same at 10.5mm, same backing.


The new range has just recently been pictured by Prodoto so will be on site next week, will update once on. The current colours will remain available to order on the backend until gone, but backorders will be disabled on them.


Any questions, let me know!


Many thanks,