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by Lillian Jacques - Monday, 14 October 2019, 9:42 AM
Dear all,

As you are all aware we have been having ongoing service and delivery issues for some time now with PHS.
PHS is the company that deliver our toilet rolls and hand soap. They also provide and service the dispensers for these items, sanitary bins and air fresheners in certain locations.

With immediate effect there will be no more deliveries of hand soap or toilet rolls to an any locations: Please refuse all deliveries that may be attempted in the future of these items.
PHS are collecting overstock hand soap from all stores, all stores should only have a maximum of 10 litres of hand soap any additional hand soap should have been collected. Do not let PHS collect toilet rolls.
In the coming weeks PHS will also be removing and collecting the toilet roll dispensers and hand soap dispensers from all locations. Hand dryers and sanitary bins will continue to be serviced until the end of the contracted term.

After the removal of these items there should just be screw holes left, please let me know and send photographs of any excessive damage to walls etc during these removals. 
We will be replacing all dispensers in time and any overstock of toilet rolls will be distributed internally to other stores and depots by us as and when required. 

Please ensure all employees are aware of what is happening. Any issues please let me know 

Thank you for your patience with this matter
Kindest regards