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Missing Store Samples Sheet - Update

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Missing Store Samples Sheet - Update
by Lillian Jacques - Monday, 7 October 2019, 2:58 PM

Hello everyone,

I have added a new column to the Missing Store Samples google sheet for missing artwork (backboards, labels etc).

Product NameSKUProduct TypeSample SizeArtworkCommentsStore Comms Comments
Studio Boathouse OakW12388VEngineeredBookshelf (500x400)Ordered with Samples dept - 01/10 

Going forward, please can you fill in this sheet if you are missing any samples or POS.  

In the Store Comms Comments column, I will mark off when these have been ordered for you.

Hopefully this will make things simpler for all of us, and easier to keep track of everything.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks :)

Kind regards,