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Magento 2 Delay

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Magento 2 Delay
by Lillian Jacques - Tuesday, 1 October 2019, 10:03 AM

Hello all,

Unfortunately, on final testing and run through, the integration from Patchworks (the 3rd party responsible for plugging the final piece into PVX) isn’t pulling the orders through correctly.

It’s a tricky circumstance, as we’re fully ready and coded from our side, but this particular part requires that 3rd Party integration.

Obviously behind the scenes we’re pushing this as quickly as possible and having the discussions we need to have with everyone involved, but until that testing is complete we can’t proceed with the launch.

It doesn’t appear to be a large issue causing the problem, but considering we were due to transfer the server and site tomorrow it’s too close to call.

With that in mind, we are now looking at 1 further week behind planned schedule, with a new go live of the night of 8th October rather than 1st October.

Very disappointing as we’ve been ready our side for a few weeks now and are being held back by this, but the line for all staff is to explain we are obviously doing everything we can to push this forward and everything we needed in place our side for this is complete.

Thanks everyone.

Thanks ☺