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Wood Delay

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Wood Delay
by Lillian Jacques - Friday, 20 September 2019, 10:59 AM

Hi All,


Please see the below woods which are no longer currently coming in early October These might now be November


I’ll update site once I know a date


W88586N x 55 – Luxury Georgian Oak

W55215R x 60 – Prestige Cinnamon Oak

W91694V x 75 –  Prestige Caramel Oak

W55571J x 100 – Prestige Georgian Oak

W54322C x 125 – Prestige Silk Grey Oak

W56875H x 160 – Elegant Cinnamon Oak

W76533A x 120 – Elegant Natural Oak

W23956L x 84 – Elegant Golden Oak

W61982M x 64 – Elegant Espresso Oak