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New Magento Training

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New Magento Training
by Admin User - Friday, 6 September 2019, 3:43 PM

Hi All, 

Recently you received an email from Lillian with your username and password for the new magento. 

All managers have had some basic training on the new system. 

You now have the opportunity to have a play around on the new system for the next week or so prior to us going live. You can place one or two orders and sample requests/callbacks. The system is not live so new orders etc will not go anywhere. Please don’t go too crazy though!

Please note the following: 

- Placing an order on the new magento is pretty much identical - it just looks different. 

- The new magento incorporates the CRM. The CRM will cease to exist once the new magento goes live. 

- To create a quote, you would simply create a pending order without an invoice. This makes it really simple and if a customer wants to go ahead with a quote, you would just raise the invoice. If slight changes are needed, you could just hit ‘’reorder’’ and make the changes, rather than doing a whole new quote. 

- You can create callbacks and sample requests on magento. Everything ties to the customer. So if you click onto a customer, you can see every callback, sample request or order ever created for the customer. 

- The Sample Callback lists you are sent on a Sunday will cease to exist. These will now come through under the Samples tab on magento automatically and straight away. When a customer places a sample request in your catchment area, the request will show under ‘’Samples’’. You can see the status of the sample, so will see when it is dispatched. You can then arrange contact with the customer accordingly. It is important these are managed and marked as complete when finished with, otherwise your lists will become unmanageable very quickly. 

- The Out of Stock Google Sheet will cease to exist. Instead, all out of stock orders will be managed by status on magento. This is much more simple. Please see document attached which goes through how you would deal with out of stocks and change dates and addresses on orders. 

- The bonus calculator is now on the DASHBOARD on magento. This is where you will see your sales and bonus figures. (The DASHBOARD also shows you your due and overdue callbacks to work through each day)

- Whilst there is plenty to take in, the new magento offers a more streamline approach to managing quotes and orders which should help us to improve the customer experience even further. 

Please take some time to get used to the look and feel of the new magento. The web team are still working on some changes, so don’t worry if something doesn’t look right just now. If you spot anything, just make a note for now. We will get your feedback in about a week’s time once most of the development work is complete. Note that I am on annual leave next week also, so will not be available to answer all of the queries!

Giving you access now is mainly to give you time to get used to how it will look and feel. 

Overview guidelines for handling out of stock orders, date and address changes is attached below: