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Products Ordered That Are OOS With No Due In Date

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Products Ordered That Are OOS With No Due In Date
by Admin User - Thursday, 5 September 2019, 11:39 AM

Hey guys,

For products that are out of stock and we have no date of when more stock is due, pre order wording on the website will show as follows: 

Available to Pre-Order Now!

Be first in line to reserve stock from our next delivery.

We will keep you regularly updated with delivery news as we receive it.

The idea is to still be positive and allow backorders, but be nonspecific on date.

Hopefully should result in fewer let down customers where we say a date and can't honour it, although it will still happen where we don't hear anything for ages and customers start to get twitchy. For those, try our best to swap or retain.

The key is that for anyone who places an order for something that is not in stock in your store, you keep in touch on a weekly/fortnightly basis to provide an update, or simply to let the customer know their order is still live and with us and we haven't forgotten about them! 

I hope this makes sense, however any questions please just ask!