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OOS Orders on the OOS Google Sheet

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OOS Orders on the OOS Google Sheet
by Admin User - Monday, 26 August 2019, 10:01 AM

Hi All, 

As you know, if a product is OOS when ordered, the order will be added to the OOS Sheet. 

Whenever you see an order go onto the out of stock google sheet for your store, can you please ensure you add the current BACK IN STOCK date showing on the website into column S (OOS Return Date) on the OOS google sheet? 

The team at head office will filter by the OOS Return Date (Column S) when working through and updating OOS orders as Back in Stock. 

If you do not add the OOS Return Date to the google sheet, the order will not flag up to be checked when that return date approaches, and so will never change status to BACK IN STOCK. 

If there is a delay with the original OOS Return Date that you put onto the sheet, this will need to be updated also. 

After that, you simply need to ensure you are monitoring the sheet and wait for orders to flag as BACK IN STOCK so customers can be called and deliveries arranged. 

This will all confirmed in the message put onto the knowledge base on Friday 9th August. I just want to ensure the above step are being followed to ensure you are being notified when something comes back into stock. 

Any questions, please let me know. 


  • When an order does go onto the OOS sheet, you would contact the customer as normal to confirm the product is out of stock and inform when it is due back in. You would then insert a date in Column S of the ''OOS & Problem Pending Sheet'' as follows:
- If there is a specific date on the website, input the next working day after. (Eg. Website shows 10th March. You should input 11th March or next working day if this is a weekend) 
- If the website shows Week Commencing XX/XX, insert the Monday the week after as the date. (Eg. Website shows W/C 12th August, you would input 19th August and the date on the OOS Sheet) 
- If the website shows a month only, you input the first working day of the following month as the date on the OOS Sheet (Eg. Website shows August, you input 1st September, or first working day of September if 1st is over a weekend) 
- If the website does not show a date, you do not input a date into the OOS Sheet. 

  • Following on from the point above, if you ever receive a notification that a due date changes, you must also change the date on the OOS sheet if the expected date for that order has changed.