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by Lillian Jacques - Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 9:36 AM

Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago we sent a provisional notice to let you all know that we were looking to align our holiday year with our financial year end (1st August each year to 31st July of the next year).
I can confirm that this has been completed and our new holiday year will run as above from 1st August 2019 (already started) to 31st July 2020.
In terms of what this means for you all day to day and in booking holidays, nothing much changes really. Instead of ensuring all of your allocation is used by 31st December, you just need to make sure the same is done by 31st July each year to not lose out on anything you’ve not taken.
We’ll run the same balancing checks to level everything off for the year end as we have done every year previous, it’ll just happen in July instead of December.
For what it means to you this year…here’s the important bit:
-The holidays you have right now…for this year…won’t change.
-You now don’t have to use them by 31st December, you can use them all the way up to July 31st 2020 if you like…or sooner…it’s up to you! So if you want to have a couple of days extra next year and have no plans left for this year…absolutely fine.
-On 1st January 2020, we will add 7 months of holidays to your entitlement, not the usual 12. These will need to be used by 31st July 2020. 
-On 1st August 2020 we will add a full 12 months of holidays to your entitlement and the changeover will be complete, with a new set of holidays added for you each 1st August to be used by the following July 31st.
PLEASE NOTE: This doesn’t change the total number of holidays you’re entitled to in any way. It just changes when your entitlement refreshes and runs out.
As always, if there are any questions at all on how this works, drop an email or message to HR and they can help run through it with you.
Thanks everyone.
Kind Regards,
The Management Team