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Cash Handling Procedures/ Banking Cash Taken

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Cash Handling Procedures/ Banking Cash Taken
by Admin User - Friday, 26 July 2019, 2:09 PM

Hi All

Please can we ensure we are banking exact amount of money taken for the week rather than rounding when making deposits with Loomis? 

Can we please also take a moment to review the training pages around cash handling. 

Note an update below. Please ensure you are always doing things in pairs with a staff member to witness what you are doing so there are never any issues with cash and transactions in the store. 


1.     Salary Deductions

The Company have in place a fully comprehensive process which must be adhered to when dealing with any cash transactions i.e taking payment/issuing refunds/banking/cash balancing.  This process has been implemented to ensure accuracy and also protect the individual.  Where there is a deficiency the Company may make a deduction from your  wages or demand payment from you on account of one or more cash shortages or stock deficiencies.


"Cash shortage" is defined as "a deficit arising in relation to amounts received in connection with retail transactions".

"Stock deficiency" is defined as "a stock deficiency arising in the course of retail transactions".


In accordance with The Employment Rights Act 1996 the sums owed may be recovered in instalments but each instalment will be no more than 10% of the worker's gross wages on any one pay day.

However, the 10% limit does not apply to deductions from the final payment of wages.


Multiple offences will result in disciplinary action.