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Saturday Delivery Charge (Date Change)

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Saturday Delivery Charge (Date Change)
by Lillian Jacques - Monday, 17 June 2019, 11:53 AM

Hello all,

The below only applies if the customer wants Saturday delivery AFTER they've placed an order. 

For example, you've placed an order for a customer to be delivered on a Wednesday. The customer then calls and wants a Saturday delivery instead. Follow the below:

When taking extra payment for a Saturday delivery, we will now have to raise a new order with JUST the "delivery surcharge". You will need to custom price the price to £5.00 - see attached image.

Please ensure the transaction ID is added onto this order.

You MUST note the delivery surcharge order with the original order, and vice versa.

Alongside this, our deliveries will now be 1hr before and 2hrs after, like they were before. There are too many texts going out with delays.