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Wood Filters & Grades

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Wood Filters & Grades
by Admin User - Thursday, 30 May 2019, 3:27 PM

Hi All,

There is now a filter on the wood pages on for wood grades. If you click on solid wood or engineered wood at the top of the page, you should see all of the filters on the left. Scroll to the bottom and there is now a filter for GRADE. 

We now have 3 grades (see below) 

As you know, several of our products come with lots of colour variation. Whilst we have samples in store, the samples are relatively small and don't always show the full variation on a product. 

Whilst we don't want to promote any kind of negative selling, it is important in the selling process to identify what a customer is looking for. 

If a customer is looking for something with few knots/crack and colour consistency, then we need to be looking at prime grade products. If we sell a rustic grade product to a customer who wants cleanness and consistency, we will likely have issues when the goods land with the customer and packs are opened. 

Please be mindful of this in the selling process. In turn we hope this will limit the number of refunds due to customers not being happy with goods received. 

Longer term we will look to update the backboards on products that have lots of colour variation, knots and cracks to show this. Note that knots, cracks and colour variation are a great selling point. They add to the natural and rustic look of a product if this is the style and look a customer is hoping for. We should be able to use this to our advantage. 

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Rustic Grade:
Our Rustic Grade gives a truly authentic wood floor with bundles of character. Knots, Cracks, Colour Variation are all part of the unique look a rustic grade floor provides. Every plank is incredibly individual and has colour, shade and grain variation between planks. If you are looking for a floor with little colour variation and few knots or cracks then we would recommend looking at our Prime Grade woods.
Character Grade:
Our Character Grade sits in between our Rustic Grade and Prime Grades. It doesn’t have as much colour variation as our Rustic Grade but still includes knots and cracks to give it a unique style. If you are looking for a floor with little colour variation and few knots or cracks then we would recommend looking at our Prime Grade woods.
Prime Grade:
Our Prime Grade is our cleanest grade of wood. There are fewer knots and cracks compared to our rustic and character grades and the colouring is more consistent across planks.  
Rustic Grade:
Trade Select
Oxford Herringbone 
Character Grade:
Old Country
Grand Imperial
Prime Grade:
Carpenters Choice
Prestige Herringbone