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Recycling Service

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Recycling Service
by Admin User - Thursday, 4 April 2019, 3:24 PM

Hi All, 

From Monday 8th April, we will offer a recycling service on carpet and vinyl. 

Please see the details below: 

- If a customer would like to pay for the recycling service, it is £14.95. This will be called ''Recycling Service'' and will be available to add as a product on magento. Simply add the product onto the order. This is all you will have to do. 

- If a customer is buying carpet/vinyl from us, we will collect and recycle carpet and vinyl ONLY. 

- The quantities should be the same. If we are delivering a 5mtr x 4mtr carpet, we will not collect and recycle a 20mtr x 4mtr piece. It should be the same. 

- The carpet/vinyl being collected must be cut and rolled into 1mt max strips. This is so our driver can carry the rolls out of the property underarm and load them onto the back of the vehicle. 

- The 1mtr wide rolls must be located on the ground floor for collection. We will not collect from upstairs. 

- Products being recycled must be either carpet or vinyl. We will not recycle anything else (doorbars/underlay/grass/laminate etc) 

- The carpet/vinyl being collected and recycled cannot be stained or covered in hazardous chemicals. 

- The delivery will still be kerbside. The driver would not bring the new carpet.vinyl into the home as this will be 2/3/4mtrs long. The driver can collect the 1mtr strips from the home as they are much smaller and can be carried underarm. 

This will be live from Monday in-store and on the phone. If you have any questions on any of the above, please just let us know. 

Please ensure we are pushing this service with each carpet/vinyl sale.