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Remnant Sales Competition - Starting 1st April

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Remnant Sales Competition - Starting 1st April
by Admin User - Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 9:43 AM

Hi All, 

We will be running a competition for all remnant sales taken between and inclusive of 1st April and 31st May. The sales person who generates the most turnover from remnants will win and will receive a £350 bonus in their June pay.

Please note that staff are not to discount single products on orders to show higher value on remnants where custom pricing has been used. If this is spotted, penalties will apply which may mean guilty parties are disqualified from the competition. 

In most cases remnants will be at a more discounted rate than if ordering from a fresh roll, so this provides a great incentive for a customer to take advantage of the extra saving. There will be the odd occasion where a cut from a fresh piece will be less than a remnant. This should be more rare than common and simply means we have a fantastic offer on that particular range at that time. 

If you have any questions please let us know. Let's make the most of the competition and try to get some remnants shifted. 

Happy selling!