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EvoCore Engineered Vinyl Planks

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EvoCore Engineered Vinyl Planks
by Admin User - Friday, 15 March 2019, 11:49 AM

Hi All, 

Just to confirm, the EVP is now available on the backend on magento. This means it is still not live on the website, but is available to order from magento if anybody wants it. 

The products will go onto the website as soon as pictures are sorted. 

Prices are as follows: 

Evocore Essentials - £27.99sqm, Box: £61.58 (2.2m2)

Evocore Premium - £34.99sqm, Box: £53.89 (1.54m2)

Let's give it a big push. It is a great product so hopefully we can do well to start getting it sold.