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Placing Orders - Customer Not Present

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Placing Orders - Customer Not Present
by Admin User - Monday, 11 March 2019, 4:50 PM

Hi All, 

Effective immediately, any orders that are over £500, where the customer is not present (placing the order on the phone), and where the billing and delivery address are not the same, the customer must pay via BACS or PayPal. They will not be able to pay with a card over the phone if this is the scenario. 

This is to help protect both ourselves and our customers from potential fraudulent activity. 

To be extra clear, the criteria is: 

- Customer is not present 

- Order is over £500

- Billing and Delivery Address are not the same 

Our contact centre have been running with this criteria for a few months now and it has not caused any issues. 

It should be less of a concern in store as most orders are with the customer present in the store, however we still want to ensure we are protecting ourselves as best we can. If we are explaining to our customers that this is in place for their protection should the scenario arise, hopefully they will understand and be accepting. 

Just to confirm and add some extra clarity on the above: 

Does this apply to traders? 

This does not apply to traders. Providing the trader can confirm they are the trade person listed on the account, they can place orders and that is ok. 

What about if a customer is paying using a trader’s account? 

A customer should not be paying using a trader’s account. Only a trader should be using his/her account. The trader would have to place the order for the customer on his/her account if this was the agreement between them. 

What about if a customer wants to change the delivery address after placing the order? 

If a customer calls back to change the address and the order is over £500, this can be passed onto transport. Transport would request a utility bill or form of proof that the billing address is indeed theirs. 
Alternatively, cancel the order, and retake payment via PayPal or BACS. 

To take a payment via PayPal, follow the below: 

You put the order on magento without an invoice. 
You can send the email address linked to the customer’s PayPal account to Kimberley Thompson or myself. 
We request payment from the customer.
Once this goes through, we confirm and you raise the invoice. 

Hopefully this clarifies. 

Any questions please just let us know.