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Remnant Out of Stock Orders

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Remnant Out of Stock Orders
by Admin User - Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 11:13 AM

Hi All,

Just to confirm the process for any remnant sales that flag up as out of stock. 

If the customer would like a fresh piece of the same product ordered cut from a new roll, we can do this, but the customer will need to pay 50% of the difference in price. We will cover the other 50%. This is more than what we would usually offer when handling an out of stock order. 

If they want to pick something else should their remnant be out of stock, we will follow the usual out of stock rules: 

- If the order is under £300, we can offer 10% upgrade. 
- If the order is over £300, we can offer 20% upgrade. 

The important thing here is pitching this right. This should be made out to sound like we are going above and beyond - because we are! Rather than the usual 10/20%, we are offering 50% towards the difference if wanting the same product but a fresh piece, should the remnant flag up as OOS. 

Hopefully out of stock issues with remnants should continue to decline as stock levels are maintained accurately.