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New Lone Working Page

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New Lone Working Page
by Admin User - Friday, 1 March 2019, 4:29 PM

Hi all, 

There is a new Lone Working Page. This will appear on the same dashboard as your bonus calculator, under ''Lone Working''. Refresh this page tomorrow and you should see the lone working tab. 

It is very simple and similar to the previous one we used to use. 

If you are lone working, you must simply ''clock in''. This will clock you in as a lone worker and will tell you when you need to next clock in. (within 2 hours). You will then refresh this every two hours until you are leaving work. You can then clock out. 

If you do not clock out within the 2 hours, an email will be sent to store comms and your regional manager who will then check to ensure you are safe. Please ensure you are keeping this page up to date. One click of a button every couple of hours is all it is. 

Please also ensure you clock out of the lone working at the end of the day, otherwise your regional manager will be hit with a load of emails through the night. 

Any questions please just let me know.