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Customer Service, Collections & Deliveries

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Customer Service, Collections & Deliveries
by Admin User - Friday, 15 February 2019, 11:05 AM

Hi All, 

We are aware of the odd occasion where store staff members have either delivered goods to a customer, or where they have gone to help unload a delivery. 

We appreciate that this is really going above and beyond to offer a fantastic level of service and I am sure it is greatly appreciated by customers and may be the difference in us getting or losing a sale at times. 

That said, doing the above could cause some real issues, so can I please ask that we do not deliver anything to a customer or attend customer addresses to help unload deliveries. 

Store staff members would not be wearing suitable uniform/equipment to make deliveries. It is not part of the job description and isn't our expectation. As well as this, if delivering goods to a customer in a personal vehicle, this could cause issues with insurance should a problem arise.

Whilst we set a fantastic impression with the customer when we do this, there is also potential that the customer will then have extremely high expectations if more issues were to arise and would expect similar service in the future. 

Like I say, it is great that we are trying to offer the best possible service to our customers, however we do need to stay in store as store sales professionals and managers. 

We have some great things in the pipeline for the near future as we look to improve our delivery service all-round, which should really benefit us in improving the customer experience and should give extra flexibility when handling any issues. 

Any queries please just let me know.