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Top of the Shops Awards - September 2018

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Top of the Shops Awards - September 2018
by Admin User - Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 11:20 AM

Hi guys, 

Please see the top of the shops results below for September. Well done to all award winners! 

Top of the Shops Awards

* Accessory AceDean Stacey, Coventry Store with over £5,900 Accessory Sales! (ex VAT) 2nd Month Running!
* Captain CreditLouise Shore, Bracknell Store with £10,085 on Finance! (ex VAT)
* Golden Cup ChampionLouise Shore, Bracknell Store with £54,322 Total Sales! (ex VAT)
* Mystery Shop MastermindBen Baker, Havant Store with 95% Score!

* Target Terminators: Bracknell Store with 169% of Target Done! 
* Incredible ImproversKeighley Store with 61% Sales Growth! 
* Last Year LeapersThurrock Store with 106% Sales Growth! 

* Accessory Ace: Top Accessory Salesman
* Captain Credit: Top Finance Salesman
* Golden Cup Contender: Top Salesman - Total Sales
* Mystery Shop Mastermind: Top Mystery Shop Report
* Target Terminators: Number 1 Store vs Target
* Incredible Improvers: Most Improved Store vs Last Month
* Last Year Leapers: Top Growth like for like with same month from last year