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Order Amendments Form

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Order Amendments Form
by Admin User - Monday, 28 January 2019, 11:30 AM

Hi All, 

We have had a couple of issues recently where an order has been amended, but the order amendment form has not been filled out. This obviously causes issues as we do not receive the instruction to make any changes to the order, and so causes frustration with the customer and dents the customer experience. 

At some point today you should all receive an invitation to view the order amendments sheet. This is a ''view only'' access. You should continue to use the order amendment form when you need to submit an order amendment. You will not be able to type directly onto the sheet. 

You are receiving ''view only'' access to the sheet simply so you can check and make sure your order amendment form submission has gone through and been added correctly. 

Once you fill out and submit the order amendments form, jump on the order amendment google sheet to ensure your submission has been added. 

The sheet is filtered so when something is complete, it will not be visible. So make sure you check the sheet as soon as the submission is put on. If you put something on at 9am and don't check the sheet until 3pm, it may have been resolved. So you won't see it on the sheet but it will have been done. 

Note that it is your responsibility to ensure your order amendment submission has been added to the sheet. 

Any questions please just let me know.