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Store Cash Balancing

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Store Cash Balancing
by Admin User - Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 2:16 PM

Hi all, 

We seem to be getting multiple issues still on a daily basis where our cash balancing sheet does not tally up correctly. 

Can we please take extra care when filling out the store cash balancing sheet to ensure everything matches. 

I have created a training page which can be found in the Systems & Procedures sections of the training programme to cover the key steps to consider/complete when filling out the cash balancing sheet. If there are any questions, please ask. The training page is called STORES CASH BALANCING

Note that we will need to start issuing traffic lights where accounts do not balance, as it is creating a lot of wasted time and extra work for our accounts department. We will continue to monitor this accordingly. 

Please ensure the cash balancing sheet is filled out at the end of the shift. Do not wait until the next day before filling it in, as this can lead to further issues.