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Sales Bonus Changes

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Sales Bonus Changes
by Admin User - Friday, 21 December 2018, 9:08 AM

Hi all, 

As you should all now be aware, there will be changes to our sales bonus scheme effective 1st January 2019. 

Currently, your store target must be met for you to receive bonus regardless of your personal sales total. 

With the new scheme, individual targets will be set for each staff member each month which will be based on an overall target for the store. 

If someone is off sick, their target remains the same so that there is minimised loss to the business for sickness.

If someone is off on holiday, their target is re-calculated and reduced for them so that there is no penalty for taking a holiday.

If your personal sales target is met, you will receive full bonus. If your half bonus individual target is met, you will receive half bonus. These bonuses will be paid regardless of what the store has taken in sales collectively. That said, there is still an overall target to be achieved and so teamwork continues to be key across the business. 

We want to ensure that those performing well within the business are rewarded for their contributions and hard work. The changes will ensure this is the case. 

For those who do not hit individual targets set, managers will work to help these staff members through training and support to meet targets in the following months. Whilst we will reward individuals for performing well, we also want to ensure each staff member is performing to a high level. Individual targets will help to monitor this and will highlight where additional support and training may be needed. 

If you have any queries on these changes, please let your store manager know.