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Out of Stock Order

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Out of Stock Order
by Admin User - Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 9:16 AM

Hi All, 

Can we please ensure any Out of Stock Orders that flag up on the Out of Stock Google Sheet are dealt with immediately? 

We should be checking the sheet at least a couple of times per day and as soon as orders are added, we should be getting in touch with the customer to resolve. 

We have had a few recently that have been added to the sheet but then left and not contacted for 2/3/4 days. 

It is bad enough if a customer's order flags as out of stock. Obviously this situation escalates the longer we leave it before contacting the customer. 

You have discounts/free upgrades we can offer to try to save any Out of Stock orders, however just need to ensure they are being followed up on the same day. 

Any queries please let us know.