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100 Day Returns

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100 Day Returns
by Admin User - Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 2:55 PM

Hello all,

Ongoing and effective immediately (we’ll have to amend all return policy graphics and box designs on samples etc over time as well as any information in terms and across the sites) the idea is to run with a returns policy as below:


100 day returns

Discretionary returns over 100 days – If the product is discontinued, then no returns past 100 days are allowed. If the product is not discontinued, then returns can be accepted provided the product is in original packaging and delivered condition.


For the customers who fall outside of the 100 days policy, it won’t hurt us to allow the returns provided we still run those product lines. It would definitely hurt our reputation and open us up to claims / poor reviews for the sake of the odd few people who think the policy is unreasonable and restrictive.