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by Admin User - Monday, 19 November 2018, 11:36 AM

Hi All, 

Please see message below from Michael regarding LinkedIn for those who use it: 


Hi all,

We’ve set up a Connection Flooring Ltd corporate page on LinkedIn so that anyone who uses the platform can add their accurate employment status. It should also help as we grow to build the corporate image and be a reference point for recruitment candidates.


For anyone that’s already listed on there, you’ll just need to go to your profile, remove your existing Connection Flooring / Connection Retail job within the employment section of your profile and re-add. You’ll know it’s the right one when it comes up with the small “Connection Flooring Ltd” logo beside it. From there you can then click through on to the corporate page and it’ll list everyone there correctly as employees.


Obviously this is just a starting point, but as we build the corporate image we can use LinkedIn for corporate socials and small scale PR to build up the profile.


For anyone in your teams that use LinkedIn, please pass on the message also and they can change their profile in their own time too.