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Rotacloud - Approving Shifts

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Rotacloud - Approving Shifts
by Lillian Jacques - Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 11:06 AM

Hi All, 

As of 1st August 2019, you will be responsible for the following on Rota Cloud (Currently Store Comms do this, but this really should be a task for each manager): 

Approving Shifts for the staff members in your team: 

  • To approve your staff members' shifts you need to be on the attendance tab in RotaCloud. Make sure you have the correct month/year selected in the top left and your staff will be listed on the left hand side. You will need to go through each member of staff and check their shifts.
  • Each day will be listed from the top and you should see a white row with times in. Those are the times that they have clocked. Directly below that you will see a light grey row with times in, that’s their rota.
  • You might see some yellow or red warning triangles. These are notification that the member of staff has clocked in or out, early or late.
  • If a staff member has clocked in before their shift start time, you must manually change this clock-in to the shift start date. For example, staff member is due to start at 8:45am. They clock in at 8:40am. You, the store manager, must change this clock-in time from 8:40am to 8:45am. 
  • Please be aware that all mis-clocks should be reported to store comms for store comms to change. The only clock-ins you are authorised to change yourself are where you are changing an early clock-in to the correct shift start time, as described in the point above. 
  • If a staff member has clocked in after their start time, they are late. You should not change this clock-in, but should deal with repeat offences/lateness via the company disciplinary procedures. As usual, if someone is late and has a reason, HR should be notified so they can add this to the staff member’s notes onrotacloud. HR add these notes, nobody else. 
  • Be sure to check for any days without clocks. If someone hasn’t clocked and has not notified you then as per the company handbook you need to email HR to add leave of unauthorized absence for that day, notify the staff they will not be paid and notify HR to conduct a formal disciplinary investigation.
  • You will come across days where staff will have mis-clocked and not notified you. In this case you must notify store comms so that the mis-clock can be corrected (just like you do now). 
  • For days where staff members were off sick or had any other kind of absence, ensure this is correct on the attendance records for those days with the correct number of hours inserted. 
  • Once all of the above checks and amendments have been made, you should then hit the green approve records button at the top right hand side of the page. The process will then be complete. 

Note that all shifts for the month must be approved by the last day of the month/first day of the month after, ready for us to run payroll on the 2nd day of the new month. 

If you are on leave and will not be able to conduct these checks and approvals, please let your regional manager know well in advance and ask that he/she takes care of this in your absence for your store. 

It is really important that all shifts are approved correctly for payroll to be ran correctly. We will be running monthly audits to ensure this process is being managed and completed correctly and accurately. As always, should there be any issues arise from failure to follow procedure, an investigation and disciplinary action may follow. 

You already check to ensure holidays and holiday hours are inputted correctly. You also already add breaks for each staff member in your team. This is just one extra step. 

If you have any questions on this process, please let us know.