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OOS Orders/ Due in Dates - Process

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OOS Orders/ Due in Dates - Process
by Admin User - Friday, 9 August 2019, 4:15 PM
Hi All

The whole out of stock process has been thoroughly reviewed over the past couple of months. Changes have been made as follows. 

It is key that we really trust in the new process. There are several changes our end to ensure that the system can be trusted, so hopefully we don't come across too many issues. If you do foresee any problems with the below, please just let me know. 

This new process should be live from close of play today: 

  • The ‘’Stock’’ Google Sheet and ‘’Branded Carpets & Expected Deliveries’’ Google Sheets are discontinued with immediate effect. 
  • The website will now be kept fully up to date with stock due dates. Please always look at the website as usual if you need to know when something is coming back into stock. You should not need to ask the question, as the site will always be the most up to date information we have. If there is no date on a product on the site, we literally do not know when the product is coming back in. We will not be able to give you any further information even if you called or emailed. 
  • Anything on a roll (Carpet, vinyl and grass) will now have stock due in dates as well as wood etc. So these should be treat the same. 
  • If there is ever a change to a stock due date, or if something is ever discontinued, Store Comms will send round a notification to all staff informing of this change. 
  • Out of Stock orders will still be added to the ''OOS & Problem Pending'' Google Sheet as normal. You will wait for orders to go as BACK IN STOCK as normal and can then contact the customer. 
  • When an order does go onto the OOS sheet, you would contact the customer as normal to confirm the product is out of stock and inform when it is due back in. You would then insert a date in Column S of the ''OOS & Problem Pending Sheet'' as follows:
- If there is a specific date on the website, input the next working day after. (Eg. Website shows 10th March. You should input 11th March or next working day if this is a weekend) 
- If the website shows Week Commencing XX/XX, insert the Monday the week after as the date. (Eg. Website shows W/C 12th August, you would input 19th August and the date on the OOS Sheet) 
- If the website shows a month only, you input the first working day of the following month as the date on the OOS Sheet (Eg. Website shows August, you input 1st September, or first working day of September if 1st is over a weekend) 
- If the website does not show a date, you do not input a date into the OOS Sheet. 

  • Following on from the point above, if you ever receive a notification that a due date changes, you must also change the date on the OOS sheet if the expected date for that order has changed. 
  • You should no longer need to email and ask if something has arrived. Treat it like there are no issues. If there is an issue, you would receive a notification as explained in the point above. Give it a day or so and the stock should update on magento once it arrives. You can then arrange delivery with the customer. 
  • As always, it is worth giving yourself a bit of time to arrange delivery etc with the customer after the delivery due date. Continue to be mindful of this. If something says it is back in on 10th, don’t tell the customer they can have it on 11th. Give yourself a bit of time for the stock to be booked in/to arrange delivery. 
  • If there is, for example, 20 packs of something in stock, but you need 30 packs, currently the next delivery date of more stock would not show on the website. This has changed. The next delivery date will now show. So if a customer needs more than what is currently available, you will be able to see when the next delivery will arrive and so can give a customer a more accurate date. 
  • When stock comes back in, treat the order like it is allocated and arrange delivery. You should not need to check if an order is allocated. If the stock comes back in (will show as BACK IN STOCK on the OOS sheet), trust the purchasing team that enough of the product has come back in to fulfil your order if a backorder has been placed. If there is an issue where there is more on backorder than what is coming in, you will be notified. 
I recognise that there are a lot of points to take in above, however please take some time to go through each point. 

If you have any questions or queries, please let us know. I will ensure there is a training document created for this in the near future…