| Tuesday, 19 March 2019 |
Global event

Spring Sale POS Change

8:00 AM » 10:00 AM

Spring Sale Prices/ POS should be put out on 19th March (morning).

- All Pricing (6x4inch prices for carpet and vinyl & 120mm x 70mm stickers for everything else, excluding grass) 

- Posters in Free Standing Outdoor A0 Stands X2 (Replace March Madness Sale Posters)

- Posters in Black Internal Chalk Board Stands X2 (Replace March Madness Sale Posters)

- Poster in Clip Frames Outside on the Wall X1 (Replace March Madness Sale Posters)

- Posters in A4 Stands X4 (Replace March Madness Sale Posters)

- Bollard Covers X4 (For stores whom this applies to) - Replace March Madness Sale Bollard Covers